I just have a ? for the mom's on here

I can't breast feed my baby because I take seizure medication. But my husbands sister just had her baby after I had mine. Do you think its safe to feed my baby her breast milk? Because she wants to send me some for my baby.

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      yes! As long as she isn't taking any medication, doesn't have any serious diseases like HIV/AIDS or hepatitis, and follows a safe diet (no alcohol, caffeine, smoking, etc.). Basically if it's safe for her baby it's safe for yours! If her baby is close in age to yours that's even better because milk changes to match a baby's needs at each age. Make sure you follow safe storage rules too!

      Milk sharing is nothing new. Before formula it was the only option if the mother couldn't breastfeed herself.
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        I think it's pretty special she's offered to share her breast milk. Like the others said, if you trust her and she's healthy then go for it! I would if I were in your situation.
          Yea, breastmilk is the best!
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