CT Scan!

So I got that done with now I gotta pump my breast milk for 24hrs before I can nurse again! I got enough milk saved up to feed her with the bottle but she's not liking it too much. Now I gotta wait for them to call me with the results too. I hope its nothing too serious!

    8Theresa Gould
    Hope everything is ok. Do you mind me asking why you got the CT scan done or maybe as I work my way through posts I'll find it? That's great you have milk stored. I take it you have to discard the milk for the next 24 hours....doesn't that kill you to do? I know all that milk and work would have me cringing, yet I know it is necessary but oh so hard at the same time.
    I've had asthma for 21 years and I get bronchitis and pneumonia easily, the doctor thinks he saw sarcodosis in my lungs from reviewing previous x-rays and wanted a better look. I am doing okay with feeding my daughter breast milk in the bottle but it's hard on both of us.
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