How common is miscarriage without having a d and c

I didn't have a choice in either of my d & cs I was bleeding far too much. I think it depends on your bleeding, the doctor and what you are comfortable doing in whether or not you will have a d & c.

I had four out of six miscarriages without a d & c. I've had three miscarriages at home and three in the hospital. Only one of my hospital ones was without a d & c. It was with our son Matthew who had died in utero and was born at 18 weeks and his placenta would not expel. I was put under anesthesia for a d & c due to the retained placenta, but once they had me in the operating room, the placenta expelled before the they even started the procedure. I was so thankful as I had read and heard that too many d & cs can leave scar tissue. I am grateful for my doctors who seemed to have done a good job and I've never had any after affects from the d & cs.

As hard as it was to miscarry at home, I prefer to do it that way now. After six miscarriages I kind of know what to expect from my body and so does my husband. Though hubby is more tempted to press 911 than I am at this point. I had to beg him not to call last June when we experienced our last loss. I made it through. It is scary especially when there is lots of blood. You have to have a certain tolerance and level of knowledge to go through a miscarriage at home. I don't recommend it for everyone. I do want to point out it is more private, more personal being cared by a loved one than in a hospital where it is hit or miss on the level of care you are given. I've had eight births/miscarriages in the hospital and it was rare to have medical staff who exhibited a truly caring bedside manner, especially during a loss. I sure hope others have had better experiences. I think losses are harder for even medical personnel because how can you be trained for that level of care?

Just my experience.

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    Yeah, I almost needed a blood transfusion too with my first and I believe I may have even spent the night. I was very weak after my fourth miscarriage due to a lot of blood loss. I just seem to miscarriage later 11+ weeks and therefore had more uterine lining, etc to lose. I can't remember if they put something on my door or not. Those things are fuzzy memories.
      Oh heart breaks for you to have gone through this so many times. I had one miscarriage that went beyond 3 months. There was the emotional loss (first pregnancy I was aware of) as well as the physical pain. I also had a great midwife that went over with me the whole process and what to expect. From the time we knew the baby had died to the time it was over, was 8 days. It was one of the hardest points in my life. I had no idea I was going to miscarry until my ultrasound and they couldn't find a heartbeat. I opted not to get a D & C because I was only thinking of the physical pain and knew I could handle it, not the emotional loss and what a toll that would take on me. Not sure if I had the option again, what I would do? I am blessed to have 1 son who is 5 now. During my entire pregnancy I was extremely worried about miscarrying. He was taken 6 weeks early via C-Section because I had Placenta Previa. He was over 5 lbs at birth so we were able to take him home after 5 days in the hospital. Some days I feel I was not able to fully enjoy my pregnancy because I was always worried of miscarriage. It never felt better than to hear him cry in the operating room! I think that was the first time in many months I relaxed and let myself enjoy the idea of being a mother!
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      I am sorry for your loss too, Kathy Boiardi. It is definitely difficult to go through a miscarriage. I too was robbed of the joy I felt in my first few pregnancies, especially after losing Matthew because now I not only had to get through the first trimester but also part of the second before I could breath easily, which I don't think I ever really did again. I always feared having a stillborn since that's about the only thing I have yet to experience. Such a sad thought but it's what I thought at the time, kind of trying to prepare myself for the worst I guess.
        Thank you for sharing ✿
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