My Secret (or not)

I typed this in one of the threads where Mariya asked me about "my secret" to all my children, blogging, farming etc. Well, I haven't done much blogging this week out of choice, not because of time or anything. Just haven't felt much like blogging. The beauty of working for myself.

I don't think it's a secret as much of it is a very supportive, involved husband and us learning to manage a large household slowly over the years...and still learning to be honest. Kind of like project management, except it is 24/7. Our children all have responsibilities and help us. They are in training to do our jobs as they grow older.

Example: If I am working on my laptop in the main area of our home, I can instruct children to do their handwriting, Math or reading at the dining room table or go practice piano in the front room, ask a child switch laundry as they walk by, remind another child to feed our old horse at lunch time, tell two others to go collect eggs or feed the chickens.

I have to say though, having my husband home has been such a blessing because now there are two of us to stay on top of eight children so the work is divided.

Simply put, I am the manager of the home/farm/businesses, coordinating everyone to do what needs to be done. I definitely do not do it all myself. It's all about learning to work together as a unit or team.

See? No secret. :)

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8Theresa Gould
If we are not doing stuff around the house and yard (deep cleaning, weeding, yard pick up or farm projects), we watch TV, catch up on school work, sleep, read, play UNO, run errands or some Saturdays we have farm events to promote our farm products but lately those have been very few.
    Amanda Hurley
    Wow. You are very busy. It sounds like fun though.
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