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My 2 year old son is trying to potty train... It started when he was about a year old. He would tell us that he is pooped but wouldn't be until about 3 minutes after he told us. I tried to potty train him then but I knew he was a little too small so I didn't, force!? it. Now that he is a little over 2, he has been telling me 'peepee' and going to the bathroom. I've caught him several times in the bathroom by himself with his diaper off and him climbing on the potty to sit there. He refuses to use to potty chair, he wants to big potty. its so cute & exciting. I didn't go through any of this with my daughter. She potty trained when she was 3. I didn't have to help her, I started realizing that her diapers were not wet so i monitored her and she was going to the bathroom, taking her diaper off, using the potty, and putting her diaper back on. So I didn't get the joys of potty training her. I just wanted to share!

(would it be wrong to take pictures of him using the 'big boy' potty)

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