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Question for all of you my baby whis is going to be two in a few weeks only says mostly basic words. and a coupe of three word sentences. Most of the words he does say i seem to be the only one who understands him.. Is this normal?? Also he doesnt go to daycare (love him too cant afford it full time) does this make a huge difference? or is the lack of word knowledge be something i should bring up to his doctor?

    I do not think it is anything to worry about. But I would ask the doctor just to put your mind at ease. If there is anything to be concerned about the doctor can point you in the right direction. I know that there are speech programs through the local districts here that start at age 2. My sister gets services for her twins.
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      It's always good to share your concerns with your doctor, but I do think this is normal. All our boys seemed to take longer with their speech, especially our last son, who is three. But he talks up a storm now.
        Thank you all for the opinions my mom has been telling me it was normal. Its just hard for a mom not to be worried. To be on the side of ahead of the game I will mention it with his doctor. He talks and talks I usually catch every other word and can get the drift of what he is trying to say to me, I feel awful because sometimes he is really trying to tell me something and when I cant understand what he wants he get extremely frustrated.

        And yes he is very active he never stops running, jumping or climbing. He has been a mover since womb he is hardly ever still.
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