PARENTS killing their KIDS and then themselves...

I don't understand this.. This BAFFLES me and it seems more and more in the headlines that parents are doing murder suicides... to "show" their ex's or what not...

I don't get it.. I don't understand where that comes from and how it just creeps up.. aren't there signs? Of depression or emotional issues? Or are the friends and family TRULY blindsided by it all???

I have friends in not great situations with their kids dad.. and Not one of them would it even occur to me that they could do something like that.. But can they?

I just can't imagine looking at your kids and then Killing them... of course you MUST kill yourself after.. but.. really? WHAT IS GOING ON???

Is it a mental health issue?? GUN issue? Are these people educated??

    I just think deep inside all of us is that breaking point. I am sure half of them would have never thought in a million years they were capable of doing something like that and their families would say the same.

    I believe it is a result of the extreme stress level of today's society. Just look around, everyone is glued to their phones. No one knows how to just disconnect and relax any more. Then you top that with poor economics and you are looking at disaster.

    I volunteer alot at the soup kitchens/food banks and a like and the number of people/families that are out there struggling is amazing. It is really sad. A good majority of them are displaced workers who haven't been able to find work and have lost everything. They are truly at their wits end. As they say, people do desparate things in desparate times.

    So I think for some of those people it is a means to an end.
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