After the negative.

Its been almost a week since I got a negative on a pregnancy test, but I still haven't gotten my period.

I thought I was pregnant. Ive been extremely nauseous, exhausted, and had a late period so I took the test and it was negative
8Theresa Gould
I would retest as your hCG levels may not have been strong enough yet and if all else fails make an appointment with your doctor to have a blood test done. I used Dollar store pregnancy tests with success. I haven't used the Walmart 88 cent ones that Sheila mentioned so I cannot vouch for those.
    I was eight weeks pregnant with my daughter be for I got a positive result I spent a lot of money on tests and I just had a low hcg level that they could not read I was eight weeks when I decided to take a dollar store test after spend all the other weeks with first response and the expensive tests and it was a positive. so if you still have not had it call your doctor
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