Okay.. so last night... as I am browsing bassinets, sleepers, rock n plays, etc.. I had the urge to read up more throughly on SIDS.. omg, I shouldn't have.. or maybe it's good I did.. but now I am terrified.. I suppose night time and being alone wasn't wise to read it all either.. but now I am SO confused about sleeping choices even more. I thought to myself.. oh gosh, I will never sleep again once the baby comes because I will be obsessed with making sure they are breathing... :( oy!

It kind of stemmed from wanting to snag that highly raved about "Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper" because pack & plays/top bassinets always seemed big and cluttering to a space.. and this little bugs seem to be the bees to knees to many new Mommas.. light, can move from room to room, like a little bassinet with a small incline.. etc. But the more I read up about SIDS.. and the incline of the rock & play.. I am terrified. Maybe a flat surface from the get go is a MUST.. I read too many ying/yang opinions online last night too..

Now I am just one confused (almost) Mama.. sigh :(

Any advice?

    We used the rock'n'play because my old boss used one for her boy. My girl survived, LOL! It was really light and didn't take up much room, which was great when she was still in our room with us. Plus when she'd fuss a little we could rock her a bit and she'd fall back as leep without having to be picked up. She was sleeping through the night in her own crib by about 2 months though so we didn't use it long.

    HOWEVER, I will probably shell out for a flat bassinet next time. It has nothing to do with SIDS, though. My daughter was diagnosed with torticollis at 2 months (basically really tight neck muscles on one side that caused her to always tilt her head to the right). Torticollis is usually developed while in the womb because of being squished in one position. She started to get a flat spot on one side and had to have PT to fix it. She's all better now (and no more flat spot!) but I learned that laying them on a flat surface to sleep gives them more space to move their head from side to side. Our physical therapist said we needed to keep her out of cradling devices like swings, car seats, etc as much as possible to give her room to stretch her neck. She also said to alternate which way she was turning her head every night.

    With our next we'll probably get a flat bassinet so we can follow all the procedures she taught us to treat torticollis and head flattening from day one!
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      I think it's a natural fear. I know I was fearful because a family friend experienced a SIDS loss and while I was fairly young I do have blurry memories of that time. Very sad, very somber. I checked on my babies a lot because of it, but I think most mamas do, it's in us to do that.
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