V8 juice and your kids.

okay, so i was at my kids therepy sessions today, the waiting room, is insanley small! lol we all hear eachothers converasations about our childrens sessions with the therepists, not to be nosey, just because you cant help it, not a big deal what so ever, but i heard something today that sent my brain into swirls! one of the boys goes to therepy for eatting (i dont know much about that type of therepy) but he always comes out with food or drinks no biggy! but this time his grandma,(first time i ever seen her) grabbed his v8 drink outta his hand and said let me read this, she does so and throws it in the trash saying "we dont drink this!, only people who starve themselves drink this" and walked out ?!..?i was uhhhmazed! lol im not here to judge anyones parenting skills, but im rather curious what you would think if you heard that.... personally i love me some v8 and my kids also drink some time to time... i mean am i missing something?? lol

Nikki Hicks
    8Theresa Gould
    I don't get that, I really don't. I don't see the harm in a child liking V8. Much rather my children like that to being addicted to pop or something.
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