Cramping after miscarriage-is this normal

Yes, cramping after miscarriage is normal as it is your body's way of eliminating every thing in your uterus. The amount of cramping and how long will depend on if you had a d & c or if you miscarried naturally at home. With a d & c the cramping will be less, as the procedure probably got most of the blood cleared out of your womb. But a natural miscarriage will take longer because your body is doing the work.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I remember less cramping with my d & cs than with my natural miscarriages. Guess everyone will be different and it will depend on how far along you are. You were 15 weeks, so your uterus was larger than mine was at 12 weeks or 11 weeks when I had my d & cs. I had a lot of cramping after losing Matthew because I was 18 weeks along.
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