Potty training

I am potty training my little girl she is about to be 14 months. She does very well going in the morning. we wake up get undressed and sit on the potty and she goes. she will clap her and and look at the shelf with the m&ms because we giver her two m&ms for pee and 2 for poop and she knows it. My question is how do i get her to go through out the rest of the day? I do not have very good timing and she isn't at the stage where she can tell me, but she doesnt like to be dirty she will wine and bring a diaper to me when she needs changed. I just wish i knew before she went.

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I started out a sahm and then went to work full time for 3 months. I got carpal tunnel which prevented me from working so now I get to be a sahm again and stay home with my baby girl. She is 1 as of Dec 7th and such an active and intelligent child.