Pat Down!

I mentioned this in one of my replies earlier.. when chatting about flying last week and yesterday.. but I was so leary of walking through those airport scan machines since I hadn't done a ton of research about them and the effects they could have on a tiny peanut. Note... I am still a bit of a believer that if something is going to happen to your little one.. then it will.. (obviously I believe in something bigger).. but at any rate.. I also think of doing things to prepare or be safe isn't bad either :) Totally confused, right? ha! Anyways.. I opted for the beloved... PAT DOWN! From two TSA peeps.. both on the way to the beach and on the way back. I just wanted to give you a heads up on tips I would recommend and how it really was!

- first off.. it wasn't bad AT ALL!

- if you are in a security check time crunch.. voice that you need one ASAP! at one airport they took forever to get a gal to come and do mine.. so if your flight is about to leave.. it could get stressful. the other flight they were on it and it didn't take long.

- they do use the back of their hands to swipe around your body.. but it didn't really bother me.. they even ask if you want to go in a private room.

- they use ladies for ladies! each time (at least for me.. which I would have left odd otherwise..) a gal was the one who did it!

- doesn't take long at all.. they swipe around you, then swab their gloves and test them to make sure they scan out okay.

- I would do it again! If preggo and flying :) It made me feel better than walking through that machine and not being sure what they transmit.

Has anyone else ever flown while expecting? What did you do?​

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      8Theresa Gould
      I haven't flown while pregnant either. Good to know. But I felt odd being patted down last year when I flew....I'm a prude anyways though. ;)
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