Appropriate Amount to Spend On A Kids Birthday Present..

Not my own.. a friend from school..

I always stick under the $20 range, but then it's clear not many others do... And that's FINE by me.. I just don't have the money to spend $40 on other peoples children.. and if it's a Big Birthday month, those parties can add up...

So, I'm curious.. is there an unspoken price cap amongst your friends?

$10? Under $20?

What are the rules... :)

    We had 5 birthday parties between my two kids this month.. That was over a hundy and after the holidays, it wasn't the best time for me to spend...

    SO.. I told my kids that they had to choose one.. then we went to the party that was the family friends party... I thought that was fair.. to choose one and we would attend.. it's unfortunate that they missed a party, but I explained to them and they both said, well I don't really like.. so and so... so, it was okay.. I have friends with 3 and 4 kids.. and that can get super expensive...

    I think it's okay to ask them to pick one...
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