First birthday tips anyone?

I am starting to plan my munchkins first birthday and the more I think about it the more stressed I become. I've never planned a party of any kind and I don't know where to begin. any tips from an experienced mommy on what to do? Please let me know. Thanks!

    FIRST.. the one thing I know now that I wish I'd known then.. for both.. is Do NOT stress about the 1st birthday.. They won't remember.. No one cares as much as you do so don't feel as much pressure to have some big family blow it.. Keep it simple..Celebrate the year, but I highly recommend staying away from big things like ponies and something over the top... Neither of my kids remember their first.. and no one in our family does either.. no grandparent, nothing.. We have sweet pictures of their first cake and opening some presents...

    The 1st birthday is a huge milestone .. I get it.. But I say, just do something simple and fun.. an afternoon dinner, picnic, meet for Ice cream, .. We just had people over for a BBQ and had cake...

    Every mom I know in all the sites I write for, all feel the same.. Maybe I'm wrong and you want to go big..

    But certainly Do NOT stress over it.. Keep it simple. Keep it beautiful.. And ENJOY it...
      4Terri Morrow-Raasch
      Keep it simple --try not to over do---family and friends---have it at a park--or museum, zoo, or indoor play area--- and make it potluck ---less clean-up , means less stress---
        A party is supposed to be fun...keep this in mind. Pick a theme that can tie into favors etc. I always plan for right after lunch so I only need snacks, drinks and cake (or cupcakes). Music, a few decorations and an age-appropriate activity like a story, freeze-dance or a bubble blower should do the trick! A favor bag could include a little board book and a few tattoos or stampers. Happy early birthday, little one ( :
          We are going though this too! my daughter turns 1 in march and our issue is we are trying to sell our house so at this point i dont even know if we will be here for the birthday! I really want to have it here in our current home it we can. We are keeping it simple though just close family and friends, a few decorations and a cake for her to smash...its more for us anyways right? she wont remember
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