Helping with my daughters self body image...

My daughter is almost 7.. in 1st grade and though it hasn't started yet, I know that there will be a time when the girls start to be a little unkind.. and it may get specific to a person.. Hair color, weight, height, etc...

My daughter is the tallest in her class and is no light weight.. She's not fat, but is well built and strong.. and next to some of her classmates, she looks giant...

I worry.. for her to go through what I did. To be called chubby or picked on in ANY way.. I want her to rock her booty and size and be proud.. I always wanted to be petite..

I don't always know how to do this, but one thing I do and actually SEE it makes her feel great and proud.. is I take any moment I can, when I see her geting ready in the morning.. fixing her hair.. I always say something in passing "Love that headband on you" or "You look so pretty in blue".. or something to try and lift her up.. and in all honesty.. my daughter has TERRIBLE taste in outfits, so.. its hard to not try to get her to wear something else...

And if she's standing in panties or out of the bath or something, I always tell her that she has the cutest booty EVER and I compliment her legs and tell her they are long and strong and she's gorgeous..

I'm careful not to give her an ego.. lol.. But I try and point out things that she may not love about herself later... That boost of approval from me, I see can really make her glow..

I do it with my son, who is 9 too... he has started to spend more time on his hair lol and clothes... And I know at 9, he wants less attention from his mom, so I ll say something as we are walking to the car.. like, "Dude.. you look tough today.." or "You look like a cool skateboarder today".. "Or man, you have good hair"..

Just those things, I see make him feel good.. and I feel grateful for now they still hear me.. I do it in passing and easily... not paying too much attention, but noticing..

I want them with confidence.. cause grade school will slowly do it's job and chip away at it...

How Do YOU give your children a little confidence boost every day???

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    TOTALLY! .. Is it just us today Kim?? lol...

    I do the same.. with school work, how smart they are, what good readers.. etc..

    They're at the age, where their looks and style are starting to come into play... it's so strange to have that happen.. and as much as I don't want to give so much attention to their look or clothes... I know how important it is to "blend" in school at that age...

    I hope I don't ruin them now!!!
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    I agree.. But it's not me.. or a lot of parents.. it's just the time and other kids and what they're seeing now.. We pay a lot of attention to us being good and fun and kind people and I'm NOT someone that is into looks at all.. I actually wear baseball hats a lot so I don't have to brush my hair.. BUT.. For me to ignore what's happening around them I feel would be worse for them... I told them looks aren't what's important, it's how you feel and if you are super pretty and a jerk, you won't be super pretty anymore.. and if you are okay looking on the outside and funny and kind.. then you become beautiful...

    I could be screwing them up as we speak.. but heck.. We all do the best we can...
      I love this post! Sadly.. I feel it's something that is rather new... the body critics.. I'm sure back in the day it happened.. but bullying and pointing out kids differences happens SO much more now.. Heck I never even cared what I looked like until it was almost time to go to High School.. what a thought - a kid being a kid :)

      Anywho... I love the way you are going about it!

      I had an interesting chat once with a friend of mine who has two little girls and is from India originally.. she said they started to give confidence boosts about everything OTHER than appearance.. so they realize their worth isn't always tangled up in looks, clothes, etc.. she pointed out (how with girls especially) when we see them, we compliment their hair, shoes, dress, etc... saying how CUTE or PRETTY they are.. so they started complimenting smarts and being great at something, etc.. I thought it was an interesting perspective :)
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