What's appropriate music/shows for your grade schoolers?

I'm pretty relaxed with what they listen to and watch.. Well, to an extent.. Let's just say there's NO Kanye, and NO Kids bop.. we listen to the radio.. I don't always have the G version on my i-pod, but I tell them.. and they know. language is just words and to not repeat if they hear a bad one..

We don't say shut up in my home.. I HATE it... But theres a black eyed pea song and it's "shut up" over and over.. and I tell them they are allowed to sing it loud in the car only with ONLY me.. and it's pretty funny how they yell it out like they're doing something bad and getting away with it.. They need that release I think...

AS for shows.. They watch adventure time, Uncle Grampa.. shows that arren't stellar.. BUT.. My daughter was on TEEN Nick the other day and I let her check out the show for a minute to see and as much as she liked it, they were talking about boys and dates and if someones kissed her boyfriend yet.. and I was like, oK.. No...

She was not pleased.. but I told her.. it's just too mature for a 7 year old.. I don't even want her to think about kissing a boy yet or watching creepy tweens kiss on TV... So, I guess I DO have my limits..

But we are WAY over sponge bob, Dora and all that... Thank GOODNESS!!! We watch movies and How does it work and the Super Nova.. lol

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      Alyssa Martinez
      Im pretty easy going when it comes to TV and music but there are some boundries. I am in love with comedy movies with Vince Vaugn, Seth Rogan etc and they arent the most kid friendly but I do allow my kids to watch when it comes on regular TV. The bad parts are normally sensored out for normal TV like FX or TNT. The kids just laugh an half the time dont even know whats going on. Music I do monitor. Some of these new bands are sending the WRONG message to kids. You really have to watch. I like the radio we just jam out.
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