I want to be the home everyone hangs out in, but I can't stand the mess!

I've always wanted to be the mom that had the home that all my kids friends would hang out in. I want my kids where I can see them and I like a full home and life and laughs. My kids are still young, but at 6 and 9, we often will take one of their friends home after school for a bit to hang out. For the past few months, we have gone swimming and then they leave, but now that it's not 105 degrees here, they are starting to not want to go swimming and stay in and play... Which is fine, except.. it's messy...

It's not a madhouse as my kids are respectable and mostly their friends are (most).. but after they leave, there is just stuff everywhere... Swords, nerf guns, doll clothes, monster high dolls, crafts.. and if it is "put away".. it's still messy...

I'm not super anal and clean, but maybe I have a little higher standard than most... lol...

I guess I have to get over it if I want the friend family home I desire, right?​

    Amanda Hurley
    My house stays trashed. We don't have enough room for everything we own. There are five of us and one on the way crammed into a two bedroom apartment. I found a post on Facebook, "My house may be messy, but its full of memories." That is the type of house I want.
      8Theresa Gould
      Welcome to my life. My husband and I are usually pretty neat and tidy, but having eight children who are not is a daily struggle for us to even get to a smidgen of the level of clean and tidy we prefer. We have definitely lowered our standards, not by choice, but necessity if we are to maintain the some of the "happy" in our home.
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