Trick Or Treating!!! What is your tradition?

When I was little, I loved the anticipation of trick or treating.. getting ready and meeting friends.. we always had a spaghetti dinner and went out at dusk... excited...

This will be the first year we live IN the neighborhood to go trick or treating in.. we get to walk to the "good" houses and area and it's really exciting for my kids.. My son, who is 9 wants to go out later though now.. He wants to wait until it's dark dark.. like 730, 8... BUT, I like to have them out early and home and in bed like a regular night..

What are your Halloween traditions? What time does your neighborhood start trick or treating? I think about 6 pm, is the time where I start to see the younger kids... ​

    Oh I loooved trick or treating! Typically I always went with my bff, as my brother was 4 years older.. I loved it! Getting an outfit picked out or made.. and candy! A fun night!

    Now.. in our neighborhood.. it's brand new, like brand spankin new... we have lived here going on 3 Halloweens now.. each one has gotten better, thank the Lord! Honestly the first year was so sad.. I love passing out candy and like 1 or 2 kiddos stopped by.. last year was mucho better - next year should be good too ;)
      8Theresa Gould
      We don't trick or treat but both my husband and I grew up trick or treating and had fun.

      We don't get any trick or treaters here where we live. It's movie and popcorn night for us.
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