DRAGGED my son onto a REAL Roller Coaster...

My son is 9... and really, really wants to be the kid that LOVES roller coaster, but is terrified... He can get so in his head and freak himself out (hmm...wonder where he gets that) and totally freeze up and refuse to do things...

This summer was huge for him.. he jumped off the high dive (middle one really) and was SO PLEASED with himself after that he FINALLY GETS it...

I tell him all the time to be Bold and Brave... and do what scares you, because after you feel great and most things worth doing WILL be the scariest things...

This weekend, we went to LegoLand... And there were some newer, scarier rides... No twists and loops, but good drops and totally for bigger kids.. We walked past it and he was like, "yeah. let's do this" and then once in line a few minutes, he started to back out.. I KNEW he would love it after... and I knew if I let him back out.. like I did last year that he would be disappointed and always wonder..

So I forced him... Not like I strapped him in screaming... BUT.. I told him, if he backed out and didn't rally that we would leave the park. I didn't drive 2 hours and pay 200 bucks for him to ride the baby coasters.. he was unsure.. he trusted me.. and sort of hated me at the same time.. and we were with my nieces too, so that helped... BUT.. he was NOT happy and totally lip quivering as we got on.. I stayed up beat and positive and kept telling him that he was brave.. and then the ride happened.. and the LOOK on his face, of pure terror was AWESOME and then the drop came... and it was a really GOOD drop... and he screamed like a little girl and gripped my hand and then as the ride is ending, he turns to me and says, "Thanks Mom. You were right.. Best Day Ever!" and wanted to do it again..

he was so proud of himself and felt so grown up...

And PHEW! One of those parenting moments, where you push them harder than normal and hope that it turns out.. he could have never trusted me again... lol... But, I know him and I KNEW he would feel great after..

Possible disaster averted.. ​ The picture is POST ride .. look at him beaming and he's blurry cause he was shaking still ... lol

DRAGGED my son onto a REAL Roller Coaster...
    8Theresa Gould
    You made me tear up with what your son shared. What an awesome moment for him!

    It is hard to push them farther than they think they can be pushed, but in the end it's a victory for both child and parent.

    I am still terrified of roller coasters and keep my eyes closed through most of the ride. I went on the new eagle one at Dollywood last year but that was the only one I went on. it was enough for me.

    None of our kids have ever been on a roller coaster. Sad eh? Some day....
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