your child's friend misbehave at your house

Your reaction, moms?
When I was growing up, if misbehaved, I was set straight by the parent in charge, and if my friends misbehaved at my house, they were held accountable by my mom or dad. But these days parents are much more cautious about disciplining kids who are not theirs.
Anyway, I believe that a parent can't allow certain bed behaviors to slide. I don't want to send a message to my child that your friend can get away with that behavior, but you can't.

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      8Theresa Gould
      I agree, though if the parent is present I am less likely to say anything than I am if the child is there by themselves. Not that I won't, but I give the parent a chance to say something first, if the parent doesn't I say something. It's hard though because it creates a potential conflict if the parent doesn't agree.

      Now that we have a farm, I try to lay out the rules before anyone comes and if they are do not abide by them on their arrival I say something and to be honest, I won't invite them back. i don't want anyone to get hurt, but nor do I want to be bothered with people who cannot respect our wishes.
      we really only have kids in the family over and a few close friends. If the parents are not there to deal with the child then my hubby and i will handle the situation by explaining that we don't do those things at our house and if they continue then we will discpline accordingly especially if the child is family. We have an agreement between the adults in the family that if your child is at someones house they abide by the rules of the house or get punished accordingly. luckily most of our close friends also have similar parenting styles to ours and agree that whoevers house a child is at the rules of the house should be followed.
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