The TINIEST Boo Boo Can Equal The BIGGEST Cries.

My little girl is tough. She's got more bruises on her legs than a banana and rarely cries if she falls.. BUT if there's the smalls little boo boo, she can scream like her limbs are being pulled from her body.

This morning, She's putting on her shoes and starts to cry.. so loudly.. I'm sure she's cut open her head.. and I run in.. and she's showing me this "cut" on her ankle.. and I swear.. I couldn't see ANYTHING.. Not even a red mark.. Nothing... Nada.. .But it hurts and she's yelling and it's right before we leave and I know that paper cuts hurt the worst, so I give her bandaid which makes it hurt MORE.. and Finally.. I'm like.. OKAY.. Look.. I don't see it kid... you're freaking out over something I can't SEE!!!

We took care of it and she was happy and went to school with bandaids in her backpack..

But do any of your kids freak out over tiny cuts and things??​

The TINIEST Boo Boo Can Equal The BIGGEST Cries.
    Amanda Hurley
    My daughter is just fascinated with band aids, so every "boo boo" has to have one, whether its bleeding or not.
      8Theresa Gould
      Yes, all the time and band aids seem to be the cure all for every boo boo. So much so my husband and I joke about owning stock in band aids (well Johnson & Johnson that is).
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