My Baby and My "Baby"

When I first became pregnant I worried about how my puppy baby would take it, I didn't realize he knew before I did that something was changing in my body. I remember he started being a little more aggressive right before I took my first pregnancy test. When we got the positive test all I could think was that my "baby" would have to find new home. Everyone was telling me horror stories about having to get rid of their pets when the baby came along. One day we were at the park, just me and my "baby", to meet up with a friend. Now keep in mind my friend is someone that my puppy has seen a hundred times over. When she walked over to us Diesel (my puppy) started growling and barking. He pulled so hard at the leash that I actually thought it was going to be the first time in his whole life that he bit anything besides his toys. Luckily he didn't, but he wouldn't let her get with in 3 feet of me. She laughed it off and told me that he was just trying to protect me. All I could see in my head was if she had been a stranger with a child I might have had to put my "baby" down (if he had bit a child). After that incident I started taking him to less places, I tried to distance myself from him, I couldn't risk him biting people, especially not my own child. I began looking for new homes for Diesel.

My husband I don't exactly live in the best of neighborhoods, so one night I wanted to go for a walk before my husband was home. Instead of going to the gym like I should have I took Diesel for a walk. We walked for about half a mile when we came across a neighbor who ALWAYS gives Diesel treats. Instead of his usual friendly approach to her Diesel got down real low, tail out straight and fur up. I was so scared for her that I tried pulling him away. My neighbor isn't really a dog person, Diesel is the first one she has been around in years, so that little incident set her back. I knew right then I had to get rid of my "baby". I spent the next few days looking for anyone who would take him. No one wanted him because he is 3/4 pit bull, supposedly they have a bad reputation. I called my parents and broke down. Luckily my parents have always loved my "baby", so they agreed to take him in. That night though when I went to bed Diesel decided he wanted to snuggle. We hadn't been able to snuggle in a while because of my growing baby. He didn't seem to mind that night though. he slept by my legs with his hears resting up against my belly. Any time the baby would kick Diesel would try to move closer. This was a different side of my "baby", he hadn't been sweet like that in a long time (maybe I hadn't noticed). I decided to keep him and see how things went with the baby.

When we brought my son home from the hospital Diesel wanted to be so close to him but my husband and I both worried he would bite him so we kept David away from him. It was when my husband went back to work and I was alone with the baby and the dog that I realized how much love my "baby" has. I had to pee really bad and I forgot Diesel was even there, so I left David on his kick and play so that I could relieve my bladder. When I came back I found Diesel with his nose up against my sons side, almost like he was trying to keep him from rolling over and hitting the sides. The funny thing is my son was accidentally slapping Diesel on the head, but he didn't mind at all. It almost looked as though Diesel enjoyed it.

Now a days Diesel still protects me from strangers but he tends to look after my son more. I went to the gas station, but since I forgot my wallet I had to go pay inside with my emergency cash. It was much to cold to bring David in so I locked the doors, and ran inside (not taking my eyes off my car for longer than a second). I payed and went back out. A woman passed my car and Diesel went ballistic as she tried to look in. She gave me dirty looks and has some really ignorant things to say about leaving my baby in the car with that "mean ugly pit bull", after all don't I know that "pit bulls are notorious for killing things?" I am hurt that she would kill my "baby" ugly and my baby a "thing". I turned to her and said that Diesel is the nicest dog she would ever meet. I let him out of the car, he ran to her, sat on his butt and tried to nuzzle her leg. She was speechless then. I told her not to ever call a dog mean until she's met it first hand. My "baby" is very well trained, and even though he is over protective of my son I know he will never bite anyone. My son is very lucky to have a dog that would take a bullet for him, and i'm very lucky to have a dog that will scare unwanted visitors away from my son. Even right now my babies are laying on the floor playing roll over together. David can't figure out how Diesel rolls all the way over without stopping, but he's trying. I feel like they are learning a lot from each other. You should see them at night. David lays in his crib and talks to Diesel (who lays in his own bed ) until he falls asleep. Sometimes I am jealous of their friendship, after all they are MY babies.

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