Daily baths/showers?

I seem to be the only mom that requires my kids to bathe or shower nightly.. Is that weird?

My kids get home from school filthy from their full day and even if they aren't at school and we haven't had a full day, I still have them shower or bathe as I know it makes them so much calmer and cozier for bed. They never fight me on it anymore.. they just know and the other night, we had been swimming, so I thought oh heck... we can skip, but my son wanted a hot bath...

If for some reason we don't... like a lazy day or we swim.. I still wash their feet... I know that I sleep better after being all clean and cozy...so I assume they will too...


    Amanda Hurley
    I don't bathe my kids every night, but that is also one way I prevent the dreaded head lice. I do bathe them at least 2 to 3 times a week though, unless they are FILTHY, then I will opt for an every night bath.
      8Theresa Gould
      We use to bathe every night especially in the summer but since we moved there's not enough hot water so we have to stagger baths and showers. The two older girls shower every day, especially our second daughter who does milking 2x/day. Still trying to work out a system. I would prefer them to bath every night because on the farm, the smell, the dirt etc. I can wash them multiple times a day and they are still dirty.
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