Metabolism!!! I forget about you sometimes!!!

I'm rarely hungry in the mornings... and I don't usually eat something until about 11 ish... and I'm not generally hungry throughout the day...

The other morning I made myself a pretty decent sized omelette at 10 am... and i thought, okay.. I should be good for a while, but come noon and I was STARVING.. and I thought what is going on... and then I remembered.. My

So I reminded myself the best way to stay healthy and lose weight is to EAT! Five small meals a day is ideal, but sort of ridiculous for a mom to deal with...Your first meal will kick off your metabolism and you start burning calories right away... So as I remember myself, I know some of you are trying to shed some pounds, so don't forget to eat!!!!​

    8Theresa Gould
    I love breakfast so that's never been an issue for me and my children want to eat right when they get up so it's never been an issue for them either. Lately though with going back to bed after the paper route I end up eating brunch, no lunch or a late lunch snack and then dinner, sometimes. Exercise is foreign to my language these days.....except for cleaning days.
      8Theresa Gould
      We love pancakes or waffles with fruit and homemade whipping cream, remember we have a Guernsey cow who gives a lot of cream....and honestly it's the best! We also make French Toast or eggs, bacon and toast/English muffins. Lately, we are stuck in a rut of cold cereal of generic brands of mini shredded wheat and honey nut Cheerios. We miss our waffle/omelet maker, which has to be sent back for servicing/replacement. Ever since we got that no one likes to use a frying pan to make pancakes in because we'd use the omelet side to make a pancake. Silly or what?!
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