take away nap time?

ok my son just wont go to bed til 2 am at the earliest. he will sleep til like 9 am. im thinking about taking his nap times away during the day so he will go to bed earlier? ive ran out of ideas no matter how much I try to wear him out before bed it never seems to work and I don't like stayin up with a rambucious hyper 17 month old at 3 am. his sleep schedule is so messed up and I need to get him back into a routine. but this time I need to add my school schedule and work into it as well.

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    Taking away a nap may work... but remember that children do need their naps... i know my daughter is 5 and still naps in the after noon after AM kindergarten. i would try and get him into a routine... hard I know but a good thing. Maybe taking a nap away will work... but if it means a cranky little one you might want to give it back :)
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