My nine year old.. The vegetarian.

My son is 9 and hasn't eaten meat since he was about 4. He never liked it. Never liked chicken or hamburgers. I'm not a fan of hot dogs so those were never introduced. He just didn't like it.
Now that he's older.. His natural aversion has become a choice. He are bacon and pepperoni on pizza no realizing those were meat. Then he got it. Really got it and told me he didn't want to eat an animal.
We talked about it.. I explained that we don't eat much meat anyway and when we do its farm raised and organic etc. he said that he couldn't and didn't want to eat an animal. Period.
I support him totally. I told him I think that's great but he will need to open up his food world a little so he can get the protein he needs.
I cooked him tofu. Fail. Veggie burgers. ,. Half fail.
He's that kid that when I told him I won't buy flavor blasted fishees cause they have MSG in them ... He won't eat them anywhere. Or anything flavor blasted.
He wants to do what's right. Which can be irritating. Lol.
I'm proud of him. Ill support him in anything he chooses for himself and maybe after a good rib eye ill follow him in his footsteps.
Maybe he will change the world.

    4Ariel LaCoste
    myself and my kids are vegan/vegetarian :-) its a very healthy choice and cruelty free way to eat. Legumes are a good source of vitamins. Nuts are as well. Almond milk is super easy to make and great for you! has a lot of good recipes
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