Swing/Bouncy Seat

Mamas.. any tips on a swing vs. bouncy seat?

Also.. did you have these ASAP as you brought your baby home?

This ALMOST Mama needs to know what we need! ;)

    You don't need a swing when you first get home. The only things you need immediately are clothes, diapers, blankets, car seat, and a place for the baby to sleep. All babies are different, my son never really used the swing. He didn't dislike it but there were things he liked better. I friend bought us a Fisher Price infant to toddler rocker that he still loves. It has a medal frame so he can use it for a couple years. He used to fall asleep in it all the time.
      I had a swing when I brought my oldest home. But she didn't like it. Some babies like them and some babies don't. It's own your decision if you want to have/try them right away or if you want to wait. I do agree that the biggest thing you want to make sure you have is a car-seat (they won't let you leave the hospital without one), of course someplace for baby to sleep, diapers and some clothes.
        We received a Johnny Jumper (a bouncy seat) as a shower gift. We hung if from the door frame. Is that what you're referring to? We never had a swing, but we liked the bouncy seat because it provided exercise for our baby. His leg muscles really strengthened. He had to be able to hold his head up first, of course.
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