Right now it is 7:43pm and I have been listing to my 6 month old scream the whole time. He is fighting sleep and I slowly feel like I am entering the outer realms of hell.

    I'm sorry! Are girl went through a no sleep phase recently and it turned out to be teething and a growth spurt at the same time! There wasn't much we could do accept hold her and feed her a lot. We ended up bringing her newborn cradle into our room and letting her sleep there for a night. Originally it was just so we didn't have to go so far to get her if she cried, but she actually slept better. I think she didn't feel good and just wanted to be close to us. It lasted a week or so, but now she's sleeping 12hrs a night!

    Hang in there, nothing lasts forever!
      Try a baby swing. They work wonders when babies go threw those things. Hes old enough you can turn it on full speed and some music maybe a pretty night light he can see. Hope you and him both get some sleep :)
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