hi moms, new here to site looking for some help...

It was discovered during ultrasound that my baby has what is called single artery umbilical from my understanding thus can cause kidney problems, heart problems and more commonly growth restriction. I have a daughter who was born at 4lbs full term considered to have suffered growth restriction but unrelated to this umbilical issue. Have any other mommas had a baby with SAU and were there any adverse affects? Thank you all in advance!

    i have not had this experience not heard of it before. But i wish you the best! keep us posted!
      Amanda Hurley
      Hello Jeanie. I do not know about your specific issue, but I would recommend trying to find a Facebook group. My husband suffers from a rare genetic condition called DiGeorge. My youngest has it as well. I found a GREAT group on Facebook, who helped me get through his heart surgery. I hope you find what you are looking for.
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