my almost six week old has been very fussy lately. Meaning that she wont nap in the day really. She is restless and i dont know why. Anyone have this happen?

    Hmmmm... usually babies like to sleep! Have you consulted the doctor? Is he/she really gassy? i know this kept mine awake at that age! The only thing that helped was the baby swing!
      my daughter was really gassy at this age too. It could also be acid reflux, but your doctor would have to confirm that.

      For gas we had a few methods we would try.

      1. Cradle her in your arms so she's on her back facing you. Her legs should be up against you chest so she's kind of in an L shape. Walk around while bouncing slightly until she calms down.

      2. Drap her over your arm, tummy down, so her head is in the crook of your elbow and your palm is on her lower abdomen. The pressure on her tummy can release gas.

      3. Lay her on her back and grab her feet. Move her legs up and down like she's riding a bike or just curl both legs up tight into her tummy over and over again.

      4. Let her sleep tummy down on your chest. The contact will calm her and the tummy time could move the gas around.
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