my daughter has a terrable flu

my daughter has a terrible flu for the last two days she has had a temperature of 101.8 Fahrenheit and her whole body is numb and she has a migraine headache and she is hallucinating and when I give her medicine it does not help do you think I should take her to the doctor or is there any thing I can do to help her

    I'd say take her to the emergency room. Hallucinations are not good and numbness does not make it better. If you want or if it is available, contact your doctor's office or the 24 hour nurse from your insurance company as you prepare to take her to learn about some things you can do on the way. Keep her covered, make sure she has fluids in her (Pedialyte, water or juice depending on the age). It's better to be safe than sorry.
    Very sad. My family didn't want to tell me she past because I was pregnant with my son.You wouldn't believe how I found out about her death….Facebook! Her uncle from her dad side of the family posted it and I seen it. I believe she is my sons angel because he is such a very happy baby. He loves strangers and smiles all the time. Ever since then my sis blamed herself and not to mention that my brother-in-law lost 2 other family members in 2013 and all before May when my niece past. So this is flu mess is very bad and I hate to see people with this kind of thing happening to them, My niece was very smart and funny and one thing is I can't get over her and it hurts. I have a ton of pictures of her and I can't look at one, because it hurts so bad.
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