Baby Shower Etiquette

Question about baby showers:

My family has been asking a lot when is the baby shower, but nobody has really stepped up and asked if they could help or throw one for us. Is it rude to plan our baby shower on our own or just outright ask someone? Also how many places did you register for your shower? I really don't care if we plan it or someone else I really just want family to be close to celebrate our transition into parenthood. We were thinking to have ours around the end of March beginning of May. When are you having yours? What are some must haves on your registry list?

    I agree with Kim I would maybe mention it to a close family or friend and see if they will do it, or at least help you with it. Mine was about 2-3 months prior to my due date which I felt was nice because I wasn't so uncomfortable being hugely preg, and I still had time to set up the room and get any necessities I didn't get at the shower.

    I registered at Target and Babies R Us. I think with registering its best to do more than one location, and a variety of options and price points at each. Don't be afraid to put big ticket items on your registry, some people like to go in together on bigger items...also most stores offer discounts after the fact on anything you don't get.

    I left off clothes on the registry accept for some basics like sock, hats and onsies because we got a ton of clothes anyways.

    Must haves for us: Boppy Pillow, Swing, burp cloths, bath items, swaddle blankets.
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