I tried this with my first son. I had the strict routine. I ran the 80-member mom's group. I lost all my baby weight in 3 weeks! Ha! Now, I see these pilates experts, spandex wearing, baby sleeps through the night EVERY NIHGT moms and want to slap them in the face! Sorry, but someone had to say it! I drop my six year old off to school in a hoddie, still half asleep with my baby screaming bloody murder in the backseat because he hates the car. Oh, yes, I have all of the gadgets and toys to distract him while in his car seat and then beg my six year old to please just "shake the rattle for him," while he grudgingly humors me. To all the moms that are trying to act like everything is just great...STOP!!! We real moms know that it's not. And if you do have the perfect baby that never cries and sleep 16 hours at night please do yourself and favor and don't tell the mom with black circles under her eyes who looks like she would murder someone for a cup a coffee! To be continued...

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I am a mother of two beautiful boys who are 6 yrs and 6 months old. I love them every day but feel like I am going crazy more often than not!