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i have a 3 year old daughter , me and her father are delegates , since she was 1. We can't seem to ever agree, but its gotten way better over the years , were civil. Yesterday , his girlfriend cut her hair for the first time , 5 inches!!!! Her first cut , I missed it. And had to pick her up after work n find out myself, I'm so upset, how do I approach her on why \ how she was wrong?

i know :(
    i'm glad you have a civil relationship with her dad. But this would really make me mad too! You are her mother and deserve the opportunity to have the big moments with her. I would approach your ex and tell him that you were really hoping you could have been there for her very first haircut and that in the future you'd like to be asked if they are planning on doing anything "big" with her or that is a "first". I wouldn't approach her directly first just to make sure that you don't cause any probs between you and her and your ex. I would go directly to him first and see if he would please talk to her.
      First, Anything that regards your child's body is something that only both parents can make decisions about. How would he feel if you decided to pierce her ears, dye her hair, or let her get a tattoo without him knowing? Anything that really alters her physical appearance (like 5" of hair cut off) is something both of you need to be consulted about.

      Second, first haircuts are a major milestone. You both should be at least invited to participate in big milestones. Again, how would he feel if you kept him out of the loop of an important milestone?

      The sucky thing is he can't undo it. Even if he apologizes and really understands that what happened was wrong it won't un-cut her hair. I'm so sorry. It's making me upset just thinking about having to miss something like that :(
        I was truly devastated. I still am but like you said, whats done is done, I can't change it. My daughter looks beautiful but her dad still cant see why they were wrong. My daughter told me his girlfriend cut it but he tells me he took her so its hard to beleive he would hold that special moment from me. I'd like to express my concerns with his girlfriend but he won't let me have any contact with her and we have been seperated for a while now, I have NEVER met her... I have seen her in his car etc. but never once said hello in person to her. Again, another thing Im constantly batteling..
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