Toddler Adoption

So I hear a lot about people adopting babies/newborns... but less on those who adopt toddlers.

I read an article the other day about toddler adoption (wish I could remember where) in which the mother praised it up and down. She did it by accident- she was adopting from a foreign country, went to pick up the '9 month old' and the child was walking and talking and definitely a toddler. She said for her and her husband that it was a great thing to happen, truly expanding her as a person and opening her eyes to adopting older children in the foster care system.

So... what do you think? Would you adopt a toddler? A baby? What about a teenager?

    Amanda Hurley
    I was adopted at 17. I went into foster care when I was 13 and was bounced. My second foster family ended up finding me again and adopting me. I think it is really a good idea. There are so many older children needing homes, and not enough people willing to take them in. The only problem with adopting older children is the issues that may arise with them. I was a troubled teen, and when my parents adopted me, I had just gotten suspended from high school for getting into a fist fight with a pregnant teacher.
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