Kids chores!

What chores do your kids do every day and what kind weekly or monthly? My kids are 7 and 9... Basic; clean up after yourselves, plates to kitchen, make bed..

I would like to give them more but it's a bigger pain for ME sometimes. Lol. Watching my daughter do the dishes is painful. And my son putting groceries away?? I swear they do it on purpose!!

I think they do plenty really. But any new chore ideas??

    Amanda Hurley
    my six year old straightens the living room and dining room. I have four kids, three under three, so she also helps with the care of the younger ones.
      My children 10, 9 and 7 unload the dishwasher. The oldest sometimes loads it. They help put their clothes away and pick up after themselves. We also have a dog and cat, they are responsible for feeding them. On the weekend they help me with my chores so that they are learning how to do other chores around the house for when they are a little older.
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