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My biggest advice would not to force your child, wither they are strong willed or not. When your child is ready, they will let you know. I have a girl that works with me (who thinks she knows everything) and she is determined to get her 7 month old baby (this is her first) to be totally potty trained by a year old.

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    I'm sorry. Any one that says their baby was potty trained by 1 is lying. They just don't have the cognitive abilities to do it. I'm sure it's possible but it's ridiculous.
    Parents who say that seem naive to me and think that when a child is potty trained somehow gauges their intelligence. It doesn't. At all. It's the potty.
    I agree!!! Totally!!! I think she is setting herself and her daughter up for problems. She is forcing her child and her child isn't even walking yet.
      I've heard of it happening but I've never seen it done before. I've seen kids as young as 18 months potty trained but not a year.
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