Goals for 2014

One of the most important things me and my husband do together at the end of each year is set our goals for the coming year...One of our goals for this year is to save an "x" amt of money, buy a new home, and stop living someone else's dream and start creating our own businesses, which I am 25% there. We also want our 3 year old son to start taking tai kwon do or karate and our 6 year old daughter to gain more confidence by either going back to her ballet or acting classes or learning to play drums as she is dying to do! What are your goals as a family for 2014?

Goals for 2014
    My husband and my biggest goal for this year is to get into home and we just got into one! We've been living with our folks for the last 20 months (ugh!). Another goal we have is to save up and get a bigger car for our growing family and we would like to take a trip to visit my family in New Hampshire.
      I love your goals Carla!! Keep us posted on how they work out :)

      I feel like our family goals will look a little different this year... As we are about to welcome our first baby into the family! But we put health and travel and work happiness HIGH on our lists.. We we trying not to be consumed by material things.. And obviously hope to be good parents and make the transition from two to three a smooth one :)
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