Car Seats. What do you think?

I had a conversation with a friend awhile back about car seats and when it's safe to face rear-facing to forward facing. Her 1 year old is already sitting front-facing and I was like HUH?? I understand everyone has their own beliefs. My daughters pediatrician recommended not facing them forward until they're two years just because it's safer (and studies say children are 5 times more likely to get hurt worse in a car accident when they're in forward facing before 2 years old). My oldest is now 4 and she seats forward, while her sister , who is 19 months, sits rear (and I'll keep it that way til she is 2). What do you think? When did you all sit your children forward?

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      our rules here were and still are 1 year AND 25 pounds.
      The rule was that at a year their heads and neck were developed enough to hold up and take a fender bender going forward. If hit from behind. But it's the same rear facing. I don't think it's any safe after the development age. Truth is after their muscles develop they're pretty safe in there .. In hopes no bad accidents happen.
      I couldn't WAIT to turn my kids forward facing. They were so HAPPY to see me and really look around. I loved being able to interact with them.
      So one year for me for sure. I'm not positive that rear facing is any safer past that she but to each is own. Whatever makes you happy and feel secure is the only way to go.
      I live in California.. No one I've known through three kids in all ages has ever gone past a year ish.
        Hmm. AM I that out of the loop? It's a year and 25 pounds here in CA... It never even occurred to me to go longer than a year... I wonder if I missed the change policy because I guess.. Why would I worry about it with kids in pre-school...

        Is it safe for their neck? I feel like rear facing and forward facing, if in an accident really how much difference does it make? Is it their head muscles and control?
          I always thought it was 1 so my girls switched after turning one. But I'll keep that in mind for any future kids lol.
            Thanks everyone for your comments!
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