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When we got a crib for our oldest because she had outgrown her pack n play we got one that converted to a toddler bed. For the longest time she had her bed, a toy storage system and a cedar chest in her room. The cedar chest had her extra blankets in it.

A couple of weeks ago we moved little sister into big sisters room from our room because she got too mobile to stay in the cradle that we have in our room. We put the front back on the crib and gave that to Ali and got Sami a regular toddler bed. The bedrooms in our trailer are tiny. A 10 X 10 square. Our room is a 14 X14 square.

We have the crib against the west wall that is against the office and we have the toddler bed against the east wall that is against the bathroom wall. Against the north wall is the end of the crib next to a small recliner which is next to an old somewhat rickety dresser that is for toys. Also on the west wall is a dresser for Sami's clothes. There is a skinny walk way between the beds basically so when the toys get pulled out they end up in the hall way. If we stay in the trailer for another couple of years the room is just big enough to have a twin bed against the east wall and the west wall with a recliner between on the north wall and no other furniture. We will have to make the office a walk in closet for the girls and their toy room and move the office desk to the living room and not be able to have people living with us. It will be a chaotic mess at best.

It will be great getting this place paid off here in about 6 months so we can find a house to rent that has at least three rooms that are actually good size so that the girls have a nice size bedroom and a toy room or if their room is big enough for their toys and such than we can still have an office/guest room since we have people live with us from time to time. Also it would be nice to be able to have a regular guest room for when my mom comes to visit so she can have a room to stay in for the weekend instead of staying at a hotel.

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    Hi Theresa! Whoa.. Your room by room outline was hard to follow :) I can imagine how stressed you might be... Just remember, in different ways we are all dealing with something we wish we could change or have more of... When our home seems tiny or I feel like I wish I had more.. I remind myself how lucky I am.., that someone out there is praying for the things I take for granted.. It kind of puts it all into perspective for me :)
    Sorry for being confusing.

    I am grateful for what we have it would just be nice to be able to give the girls the space to be children. We have no real inside space for them to be children but we also don't have the outside space. It would be nice to be able to let them just be children and not have to worry so much about them getting into stuff. The only real play space they have is the living room which is a 14ft X 18ft room before you add furniture.
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