The Balancing Act..

I am 25 years old, Im a professional executive Recruiter and a single Mother... I also have a new relationship of 6 months with a man i adore!Question, how do I balance all of this ? I have a very demanding job and i have been here since I was 17 and im 25 now so i consider it more like a lifestyle, so its hard to get out of :(

    Thanks ladies, yes I LOVE my job. However as my daughter grows shes starting to get a little jealous that mommy is going to work and questions me. The fact of the matter is, I do it financially alone besides help from my boyfriend so if I didn't work, she wouldn't have as much yah know? I mean my job is very understanding and I get monday nights to myself since thats when she goes to her dads , but theres always a ton to do.. cook for the week, clean do laundry etc. I have tried charts and also to do lists i just can't seem to ever accomplish one entire goal at a time before getting inturrupted with something else ! ohh time management, how I loathe you :(
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