Has anyone here had a successful vbac after multiple c sections? I've had 4 c sections....I fought tooth and nail to not have my last one but I lost that battle. So I would like more kids but I want to go the vba4c route. Any advice anyone can give on bettering my chances at this? I know they say to wait 18 months before getting pregnant. Do midwifes shy away from these types of cases? My youngest is now 16 months old. I was thinking maybe when shes around 2.5 years old we can try again. We're about to move and I am hoping I can find a supportive midwife in our new area.

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    I belonged to an ICAN chapter here when I was pregnant with my last baby. It was great to be able to talk to the ladies and get support but none of them really knew what else I could do when it came down to the c section. It's a huge long story. I think my biggest problem was that I trusted my doctor instead of trying to find a midwife. My doctor ended up doing the bait and switch last minute. Then I was threatened with them calling cps to take my new born baby if I didnt follow through with the c section because I was endangering my child. So yeah.....c section it was :-(
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