Parents against homeschooling

Obviously as a homeschooling parent I am not against homeschooling, but I think there is a lot of misconceptions and preconceived ideas about what homeschooling is and is not.

Most of us come from a public school background and think that's the only way to school and it isn't. There are many different ways to homeschool - think Montessori, Waldorf and add to those methods.

We prefer to think of it as home education or learning at home because it isn't always "school" at home. Learning can take place in a variety of different ways and places. Our children are learning on our farm, they learn when we take them to a museum or business event (farmers market, business meeting, trade show), they learn when they teach a farm class about their entrepreneurial venture (like our daughter's soap making) and so much more.

I could say a lot more, but I'll keep it short and get off my soap box. ;)

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    I totally understand. I see homeschooling being the only thing thats right for my kids but my husband is against it. It kinda sux cuz he of all people I need to support me. It causes a lot of issues between us. He says they're too sheltered and wont get the social interaction that they need which is totally not true. The educational system in the US, and the morals for that matter, are terrible now a days. So to compare it to when we were younger just doesnt compare. A lot needs to change for me to even ever consider public school. Plus I think so many lack a good connection with their child because they let the world raise them. I love my kids and the closeness we have. It just seems right. Not to say there is anything wrong with people who send their kids to public school but homeschooling is what I choose
    8Theresa Gould
    Ariel LaCosteit definitely has to be a joint decision between spouses. My husband is my biggest support. Have you ever asked him if he would attend a homeschool conference to learn more with you?
      I understand where the both of you come from. I personality think that my child should go to a public schools. To me I notice people that are homeschool lack the commication of others. They dont know how to react to bullys. They are shelted by staying at home. Not all public schools are bad. My high school is rated top A of education. Being in public schools give them the chance to be free and have friends and just hang out and meet other kids. Not every child lacks a good connection with there parents. my father and I conection is what every little girl wants. Yeah he my foster dad but being in a public school doesnt effect the conmection you have with your child. Its the parents job to be involed in there life, if the child feels like you are not thats where the lack of connection comes in.
        i homeschool also Theresa , and agree with your original post
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