What's everyone reading these days?

I always have a ton of books on the go. I should take a photo of my night stand/bedside! Too dark this evening but if I remember I will.

Here's my list:

The Calling by Suzanne Woods Fisher
A John Grisham book
Storey's Book about Sheep (Kindle version)
A book about grazing
You Can Farm by Joel Salatin (second time reading it and it's taking me months since I keep picking up more books)

I have more in my stack that I haven't started and I just finished a suspense novel called Shadows of the Past but a new-to-me author over the weekend (when I should have been organizing!).

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    I wish i could read more. I need to make time.
    8Theresa Gould
    You and me both. If I didn't review books, I probably wouldn't read much at all. It is one way I like to relax though or escape, since I can't take a vacation or weekend get-a-way.
      Amanda Hurley
      moms.com thats about all i have time for. Lol
        4Ariel LaCoste
        i Dont even have time to think about reading lol. But I just got a few books id like to read. Love languages and unconditional parenting
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