Is it bad that the louder my baby cried the louder I turned the TV up???

There comes a point when you realize that your baby is fed, changed, burped, loved, and yet NOTHING you do is working. I have to put all of the articles about abandonment and how crying creates self-esteem issues later in life, etc.. out of my mind and just give in to the urge to tune the crying out, shove my face with chocolate Reeces Valentine's hearts and dive into the lives of Modern Family. I mean, I already hold my pee in for hours, look like something the cat dragged in, am losing my hair by the handfuls, and haven't sat down for a full meal in about 7 months so I can at least grant myself this mini pleasure. My grandma always told me that crying is good for the lungs...maybe that's why I join in so often!!!

    Amanda Hurley
    i think there comes a point when letting your baby "cry it out" is the best thing for them and you. I have done it so many times, and my kids seem emotionally fine.
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