uh oh. :(

ok I was told I had to step down from assistant manager because im a full time student right, ok well that means a paycut and cut in the hours. I go full time (4 days a week, 4 classes) and I just got my work schedule and they have me at 40 hours this week! only one day off! I mean I love the hours but if they were gonna continue to give my normal hours then why say I had to "Step down" makes no sense, my whole reason to step down was to focus on schooling. but I guess its whatever bc I just found out today my bf "timed out" at work (ran out of personal time to use and got fired basically) so now its up to me to support all 3 of us and go to school and go to work. but plus side he will be home with carter and help out round the house. . .hopefully.

    I am sorry for the challenges right now. I wish you the best.
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