That mom that "stays out of it"...!!

I've written before.. Two neighbor girls a few years older than my daughter are bratty. They are nice to my daughter when the other isn't around But when together they don't want her to play.
Fine. I get it. No biggie
But then one girl told her that they are not friends and ignores her.
My daughter is 6... She is 9.. So I went to talk to her mom to see what happened and if maybe they could talk and see a happy medium.
The mom was such a bitch to me. Said "I stay out of all that.. I told her If she didn't want to play w her then don't"
I said " stay out of it?? She's 8! My daughter is 6".. You can only stay out if it for a minute ... They still need guidance!!!
I told her look they don't have to be friends but we are neighbors they play next to each other every day.. They have to be nice.
The mom just said she stays out of it and that kids are kids.
So I said I would never let my kids act that way towards someone else. Ever.
She asked me what I wanted her to do.. And I said I don't know.. Parent your child to not be a mean girl??
I hate that it got heated but are u kidding me??
She's never out watching her daughter.. I'm the only mom that comes down or plays are brings Popsicles or sits and works down there..
I get that girls are mean but this is our home.. Our neighbors. All was fine until a few day as ago. Can't we all just get along?? Lol
I tell my daughter to be nice and go about your day. That she's a mean girl and she's going to end up w no friends.
But I still wanna slap a few people around here :)

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    THIS little girl is such a brat!!!! They were all playing outside yesterday and my daughter was fine and playing too, but the brat girl wasn't talking to her and when I came down to check on them, she RAN AWAY from me... lol. She KNOWS I would give her a mouthful...
    I'm terrible.. I want to have an ice cream party and not invite her and be like.. oh.. I'm sorry, You said you didn't want to be friends...

    But I have to teach my kids to be the bigger person... UGH...
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        Thank you ladies! Yes.. the little girl is a bitch and her mom though she seems hie enough, isn't involved... isn't parenting.. Who knows what happens over there behind closed doors...

        Yesterday all the kids were playing outside and the bratty one totally ignored and wouldn't talk to my daughter, but she was AWESOME.. she stayed and played and was happy and silly as usual.. and I asked her, "You ok? Did she play with you?" and she said, just matter of factly "Nope. she didn't talk to me at all"..

        I sat down with her and I reminded her that it's not her.. That people that treat other people that way are usually jealous or feel badly in their own hearts and don't know how to be nice... I feel like at almost 7, she gets it.. It just sucks cause it's at our home and she has to deal with it.. It takes so much more effort to be nasty.. and I know it's jealousy and the mom is just checked out.. it's ok... I'm trying to use it as a teaching tool for my daughter as I have a feeling this isn't going to be the last time something like this happens with girls..

        Makes my blood boil thats for sure... lol
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