age my child was fully potty trained

Potty training for my son went easy. He was completely potty trained for pooping at 8 months old ( yes, it's true!), and about 14 months old for pee. He didn't like to have poop in his diaper, so he pointed to the pot before he wanted to go. He didn't worry as much about peeing in his diaper, so took a little longer for this part. One thing I want to say: let them have accidents. My son wasn't in his diapers 24/7, he only had them on during nap/sleeping/outside time. I used cloth diaper inserts instead so he could actually feel himself wet and dirty.

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    I soooo want to potty train early. I'm home with my girl so I could keep putting her on the potty as often as she needs. I'm glad to hear of another mom who isn't afraid to potty train a baby, all of my friends and family think I'm nuts.

    My biggest issue is that most of our house is carpeted so diaper free time is limited to the kitchen right now... I don't mind accidents but carpet is hard to clean.
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