modeling moms?!? what do you think??

so I recently did a photoshoot for my husband for our anniversary and a friend of mine is a "free lance model" had suggested it also as a way to help my self esteem. and it did, belive it or not, but looking at those pictures help me feel sexy.:) but now, shes trying to get me to be a "free lance Model" ive left her hanging on it, shes a mother also (2 kids) and married. altho its nothing nasty or inapropraite (id never do that) im not sure if this is the kinda example I wanna set for my children, expecially my daughter. am I thinking too much into this?!? I mean pictures are harmless right? below is one of my pictures, tell me what you think? please no bashing, this isn't about my picture below, just thought id give you all an idea of what im talking about.

modeling moms?!? what do you think??
Nikki Hicks
    I use to model, it's definitely a great self esteem booster. I enjoyed it. you're very photogenic, great photo. Also shows your kids how to be confident.
      I'm a mom to a 2 year old, when she was about a month old I took her to the local photography club and they were more than thrilled to take photos of her. They even took photos of me. When I got the photo's back. I looked at them and was amazed about how good I felt about myself. When my daughter turned 1 we went back and had our photos taken again. It made me feel amazing about myself. My daughter looked amazing as well. Looking at my photo's make me feel like I still got it lol So if you feel like you want to be a free lance model go right ahead. There is nothing wrong with it.
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